Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Shopping Trip and Our Grocery Budget

Well, I forgot to take pictures of my shopping trip on Monday, but I am happy to report that I spent just $38.76 at Wegmans plus an additonal $4.81 at Giant. I am fairly confident that we should not really need any food now through the end of the month, unless we have unexpected company or something.

That means my current total for the month is $233, about $150 under our current grocery/household budget of $380 for the month! I still might spend a little more if I see some great deal that I can't pass up, but even then I should have over $100 extra to save and to put toward the girls' summer wardrobe and maybe a few treats for them at the consignment sale!

I was helped out this month by the free meat from my friend and from previous months' stocking up on great deals, but this does make me think that I can actually get our grocery budget lower. I think my next goal is to get it down to $350/month, over the next several months. (This does include all our paper products, cleaning supplies, and diapers.)

God is good!

*By the way, I know that our budget may be lower than normal people's and also a lot higher than those of some of you frugalistas out there, but it's just what is working for us right now in our circumstances in our area of the country. I'm just sharing for your interest, not to say that these are numbers that would work for everyone.*

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  1. Liz, you are completely an inspiration to me!
    Right now, I'd LOVE to get our food budget down to $400 and you have given me so many good ideas :) Thanks!
    And, I so wish we lived by a Wegman's now, after your glowing review!


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