Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Coupons by Email

Today I wanted to share how I keep track of store sales and coupons and obtain extra grocery coupons by email. You may be aware that you can sign up for email updates from your favorite store (e.g. the Gap, LandsEnd) to be made aware of sales and promotions. But did you know that you can often do that for grocery products as well? Some newsletters are for a particular product (e.g. Pepperidge Farm Goldfish "Fishfood" newsletter"; others are for a particular brand (e.g. Kraft foods).

Now, not all of these newsletters are worth it; some only have product information or ads and rarely send coupons. Others send coupons pretty regularly. If there is a product you often buy or particularly enjoy, it might be worth checking out its website and seeing if they advertise coupons and/or a newsletter. Some product websites also have coupons to print right on the website.

Of course, who wants their inbox cluttered with newsletters from Goldfish crackers? That is why I have a dedicated "coupon" email address! (Well, I actually refer to it as my "spam" email!) I don't worry about releasing this email address, since I don't use it for my personal correspondence. I also don't worry about opening all of the messages or organizing them. Today's free email accounts have so much space; I probably could not delete a single message for years and still have room. So when I log into this account I just skim the new messages to check for coupons or deals that interest me.

Here are a list of some of the coupon/store/product newsletters to which I find to be most worth subscribing. Hope it is helpful!

- LandsEnd (lots of promotions)
- CVS, Rite Aid (send coupons)
- Borders books (coupons as least once a week)
- Gymboree
- Gap/Old Navy/Banana Republic

Grocery coupons:
- Vocalpoint
- (electronic coupons for certain stores)
- Betty Crocker newsletter(s) (good recipes too)


  1. Thanks for the information and the links. I've already checked out one!

  2. I have lots of these newsletters delivere to my gmail account. I love getting them in gmail because I've set them up to go directly to my newsletters folder so they don't clutter up my inbox.

  3. This is a great idea. I go for loyalty cards to get better prices myself.


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