Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Why Spend Your Money on What Does Not Satisfy?

I heard this quotation from Isaiah at church on Sunday, and I have been pondering it since. I can think of two levels of meaning for this verse, both of which relate to the topic of this blog.

The first level, of course, is the truth that money can never truly satisfy us. It can give us temporary satisfaction, but it will always leave us wanting something else. It can never give us the true happiness that, for instance, relationships with loved ones or with God can.

I think that is actually a very freeing thought when you're trying to live a frugal lifestyle. If you have to give something up for the sake of saving money it is very comforting to realize, "you know, that really wouldn't have made me truly happy anyway."

The second sense of this verse relates to on what you choose to spend your money. While money can't truly fulfill us, some uses of money certainly satisfy us more than others. In this sense, I think it's worthwhile to think, "Why waste my money on something I don't really care about when I could save it for something I really want?" For instance, why spend your money on weeknight fast food because you didn't plan dinner when you'd get much more enjoyment out of a special night out with your spouse at a fancy restaurant? Or why spend your money on clothing impulse buys that don't match anything in your closet when you really need a new winter coat?

Frugality is all about choices. What is satisfying to you?

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  1. I think the more you align your spending with what makes you happy...the happier you will be. I read an article that talked about a study showing that paying for experiences makes you happier than paying for things. I keep trying to remember that and have good balance.


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