Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday Tip

Invest in rechargeable batteries. If you have any type of gadget that "eats" batteries, like my digital camera, the more expensive rechargeables are well worth the investment, not to mention that they're better for the environment. To give a practical example:

Three sets of rechargeable AA batteries (6 batteries) and a charger costs about $30 altogether. (Although I got my extra set of batteries close to free on a CVS deal.)

The same $30 would buy you about five 8-packs of of regular AA batteries (20 sets/40 batteries).

So when you change your rechargeable batteries for the 21st time, you've started making money. This may seem like a long time, but as often as I use my digital camera, that is probably only a few months. Further, your rechargeables should last well beyond the 21st charge; I think I've heard an estimate of around 100 charges, though it can vary. Even when your rechargeable batteries eventually wear out, you don't have to replace the charger, just the batteries.

If you don't want to lay out the money all at once, buy the charger and one set of batteries first, and then eventually get yourself some extra sets. Also, the major battery brands often have coupons for rechargeable batteries and chargers.

Photo from www.freefoto.com.

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