Thursday, March 19, 2009

Reduced Grocery Prices!

I finally made it out grocery shopping this morning, after a long week of sick, cranky kids and my husband working late. Something that definitely perked me up, though, is that I noticed that some grocery prices are actually starting to come down! After shooting up to depressingly high levels this summer, prices of some basic staples are definitely back down to more reasonable levels.

A few that I noticed:

- milk - Skim milk was actually on sale for $1.99/gallon! This is after milk climbed to a national average of almost $4.00/gallon this summer.
- butter - Wegmans' new low price is $1.99/pound. I couldn't find it on sale for that earlier this year.
- flour - I can't find an exact price at the moment, but it seems to me that it has come down somewhat over the past few months.

One item that I noticed is still high in price is eggs. I just paid $2.49 for 18 eggs. Ouch.

These prices reflect what I found in my Northern VA Wegmans store. I'd be interested to hear if you've gotten even lower in any other areas of the country. Also, has anyone else noticed lower prices on any other items?

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