Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Articles of Interest

How neat is it that a Goodwill store held its own bridal show? I think that is a great idea and shows how the worth of and enjoyment of things (especially your wedding) should not be based on how much you pay. It's great that someone who has to or just chooses to buy her wedding dress at Goodwill can also have a fun, elegant atmosphere in which to choose it.

Arwen had an innovative frugal idea here to make your own vanilla extract. I had heard of doing this, but I assumed that it would be just as expensive as purchasing it, since I know that vanilla beans are not cheap. However, after reading her cost breakdown in this post I definitely plan to try it. Arwen also recently posted a link for making your own Girl Scout cookies. My husband will definitely be my devoted slave if I make him thin mints or samoas!

I thought this article, 10 Ways the New Economy Will Look Different, was very interesting, especially to those of us who have always been pretty frugal. According to the writer, America is catching up with us!

I am neither an economist nor into politics, but in my opinion it is difficult to argue with the positive side to several of these "10 Ways," including "Value as the New Virtue," "Return of the Tightwad," and "Money in the Mattress."

I loved this characterization of ad campaigns from our recently departed era of consumerism:

"You work hard, so you deserve this [auto or watch or necklace or power bar]!" the ads said. "Sure, it costs about the same as the GDP of Senegal. But aren't you worth it?"

According to the article, these kinds of ad campaigns are no longer relevant. Instead,

Consumers realize they have been wasting money on products that weren't actually better, but were pitched as items that could improve their status. Now they find status in being discerning shoppers.

Amen to that.

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