Tuesday, April 7, 2009

If You Save Just $5 . . .

I mentioned yesterday that I try to cook beans from scratch rather than buying canned beans, for a savings of maybe $1 per pound of beans. It got me thinking how couponing and many other frugal practices save us really only a few dollars at a time. Sometimes people use this as a reason not to adopt a frugal practice - "I don't want to spend time on that just to save $5."

Of course, the most obvious response to that is that many practices that save $1 or $5 at a time can in the end add to much more. However, I also decided to come up with a list of some of the things you could do with just $5. It's suprising how many my family and I could come up with. I hope they get you motivated to keep on pursuing all those little savings!

So . . . if you used 5 $1.00 coupons and saved $5 off your grocery budget, here's what that extra $5 could buy . . .

Five movie rentals from Redbox

A slice of iced lemon poundcake and a Tazo tea from Starbucks

One or two magazines

A bag of corn chips and a jar of salsa to share with friends

Five jars of baby food

A child's board book or a cheap paperback

Five $.99 greeting cards from Hallmark or ten $.50 greeting cards from the dollar store

A third of your way to a manicure at an inexpensive nail salon

Five song downloads from iTunes

A fast food meal

One or two quarts of motor oil

Half way to a decent bottle of wine

A small bouquet of flowers from the grocery store

A pair of earrings from Claire's

A box of Sushi from the grocery store

A quart of good ice cream

Two lbs. meat/3-4 dozen eggs/5 lbs beans

What else can you come up with?


  1. Ooo, nice mental strategy concept!! This makes the clipping go a little smoother keeping these things in mind.

    There are often offers for $15 or less on Mystic [professional spray] Tans (Google for coupons and watch your local ads in the mail). Save $5 in three couponing trips, and you 'paid' to look 10 lbs. thinner and radiant at that family or school reunion, in your family beach pics, or just plain not blotchy-orangey the way so many drugstore tans (even if free after ECBs) tend to do. Just remember to put lotion on the palms of your hands and ankles. ;-p

  2. Clothes!!!

    This weekend I found an adorable sweater dress on clearance for $5. When I wore it to work this week a co-worker thought that it was from one of the high end boutiques in the city. (It really does look exactly the same...for over a hundred bucks less!) I just smiled and celebrated inside. :-)

  3. I've only bought baby food once because 1) my son is only 3 months old, and 2) I'm planning on mostly making baby food for him. But I saw it at Big Lots the other day for a quarter per jar, so I picked up a couple dollars worth. They don't expire until 2011 so I figure it will still be good! And I could haven gotten TWENTY with five bucks :)


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