Saturday, April 4, 2009

Shoppers Double Coupons and Other Shopping

I finally made it to Shopper Double Dollar Coupon promotion today. They were out of some of the free and almost free deals, but I still got some good ones.

I spent $18.93 for everything pictured above. The original total was about $40. It wasn't as dramatic a savings as some of my triple coupon deals, but that's because I purchased a blend of the free and very cheap deals and some items I normally buy that were a better deal with the $1 double coupons.
My favorite deals were the following:

- Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta (2) @ $1.50 each - (2 x $1.00/2 coupon) = $.50 each

- Barilla Whole Wheat Spaghetti (2) @ $1.20 each - (2 x $1.00/2 coupon) = $.20 each
(I love to be able to get the healthier whole wheat pasta like these two brands, but I'll only buy if it's the same price or less than regular pasta.)

- Jolly Time popcorn (2) @ $1.00 each - (2 x $1.00/2 coupon) = FREE

- Quaker mini rice cakes @ $1.89 - (2 x $1.00/1 coupon) = FREE

- Gold Medal Bread Flour (5lb) - $1.89 (sale) (This is a significant saving on something I use often to make bread and bagels, so I bought all they had left, three packages.)
Check out more Shoppers coupon matchups here. Here is my other shopping this week:

Wegmans: $82.38
CVS: $15.64
Target: $1.74
Giant: $31.74 (included our Easter ham)

Total this month: $131.50

I feel like I spent a lot this week, and it's freaking me out a little! However, I think I should be fine, as it will all even out by the end of the month. This week's shopping was a blend of restocking for the month, some special deals (like the Shoppers promotion), and a bunch of Easter treats (like the ham).

Except for a few last minute perishables, I've pretty much purchased everything for Easter now, including items for the girls' Easter baskets, which I was able to fit into the regular grocery budget. I plan to share my Easter menus this week.

Don't forget - my first giveaway ends Monday night!

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