Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Best Deal on Baby Wipes

I have tried many brands of baby wipes since my first daughter was born over 2-1/2 years ago, always searching for the best deal. Although I buy generic diapers, I found that for the most part, generic wipes were not worth it. Many of them are so thin that you have to use twice as many as you would with higher-quality wipes.

For a while I just bought Huggies wipes, but even with a coupon they are pretty pricey. I think I was paying about $8.99 for a box of 450.

However, I think I have now discovered a better solution: Target brand wipes. (Thanks, Lacy, for the advice!) I purchased the huge box of Target brand wipes at the beginning of January, and I just now finished it at the end of April! That is with using the wipes for both girls for the first month or so (before my daughter was potty trained) and without being stingy on wipe usage at all. (I do use them for face and hand wiping and other tasks every so often. They get marker off hands really well!)

I think we paid about $13 for the huge box of Target wipes, and it lasted four months. That is just $56/year for baby wipes, which I think is really good.

The Target brand wipes are not as thick as the Huggies wipes, but they are thick enough that they don't tear and are foldable. I recently got some Huggies wipes at a really great deal, and now comparing the two I think I am perfectly happy with the Target ones. I don't think I use significantly fewer with the Huggies, even though they are the thickest.

Just another great Target deal!

PS - I realized that this post was perfect for the frugal edition of Works for Me Wednesday! Check out the other posts for more frugal solutions.

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  1. I'd have to agree with you, Liz. I've been using Target wipes forever!


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