Saturday, May 30, 2009

My Mega Shopping Trip!

Last night, as soon as my husband walked in the door, I left for a mega bargain shopping trip, hitting three stores: Harris Teeter, Shoppers, and Giant. Michael is going to help a friend move today, and since we have one car, I wouldn't be able to do these errands this morning. So, I had a peaceful but late Friday night date with myself and my coupons!

I spent a lot of time yesterday afternoon organizing my coupons for each store and figuring out what deals I wanted. For Harris Teeter, I used this extensive list here. For Shoppers, I checked out Redemption Unlimited's database, as well Gina's Shoppers trip here. And for Giant, of course, I got the deals from Frugal in Virginia.

So, like a general who had planned his strategy and marshaled his troops, I left for battle. Here are my "spoils of war":

Harris Teeter: $27.90 (original total: $75)

Shoppers: $13.73 (original total: $43)

Giant: $21.77 (original total: $53)

Total spent: $63.40 (includes 10 pounds of meat!)

Other shopping this week
Giant - $52.73 (for May)
Monthly Totals
May total: $342.25 (Last night's trip started my June shopping
June: $63.40
Total left in June budget: $286.90

I couldn't resist taking a picture of all my freebies! Hurray for free groceries!

Of course, I got all these wonderful bargains on my shopping trip, and what did I forget? Milk!!!

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