Thursday, June 11, 2009

Bonus Deal Roundup: Mall Edition

I decided at the last minute to drive my husband to work this morning and take the car to the mall. I needed to pick something up that I had ordered, and I was in desperate need of some summer shirts. I rarely just go out to buy myself anything, but I was seriously down to about three shirts that fit!

Well, I did end up with some shirts that I'm happy with, plus I ran into some other great deals. I just have to share!
The shirts I got were the modern fit tee from the LandsEnd shop at Sears. I am excited because they're reasonably cute, long enough, not too low-cut, and since they're from LandsEnd, I'm sure they're indestructible! They didn't have many colors in my size, but I discovered that if you order from the LandsEnd catalog in a Sears store, you get free shipping to your home! So I was able to order additional colors right there.

Of course, on my way to find shirts for myself, I got sidetracked by looking at clothes for my girls. I discovered by chance that Gymboree's boutique affiliate, Janie and Jack, is having a huge "season finale" sale. It was mostly spring clothes, which I thought was amazing, since it's not even summer yet. The prices were excellent for Janie and Jack, although still not as cheap as I would usually buy. However, I did find a few winter items scattered throughout the sale, and those prices were amazing. I bought an adorable part lambs wool sweater suit for the winter for the baby for $6.99 (original price $42)! The saleslady said the sale was just starting, so go now for the best selection.

I couldn't resist going into Bath and Body Works when I saw they were having their semi-annual sale. I headed right to the 75% off rack in the back of the store. In my store, they had some very cute summer pajama pants and matching robes for about $5 for the pants and $7 for the robes. The saleslady was actually modeling them for everyone! I didn't need any pajamas right now, but I did get a nifty travel toiletry set. It is a little suitcase with three little bags inside that come off with velcro. It just looked like the perfect thing for our upcoming trip, and at 75% off the original price of $18, it wasn't too much of a splurge.

Finally, the item I was picking up was something I had ordered online from JC Penny, using the $10 off deal. The shipping was a couple of dollars less to have it sent to the store, and considering the other deals I got, I was glad that I had to make the trip the mall!

Local readers, if you're interested in looking for any of these deals, I was shopping at Dulles Towne Center Mall.

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