Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Frugality in the News

This is a very interesting article with the conclusions of a researcher who has actually researched the phenomenon of frugality. He concludes that about 15% of the population are seriously frugal.

This school district in Fresno is actually planning to refund employees some of their health insurance premiums for the year, since the health costs were lower than expected! I think it's so neat that the administration and employees were able to work together to cut costs and save everyone money.

Some small businesses are actually expanding and prospering in the recession, because they provide products that help save large companies money without resorting to layoffs. Neat!

Has anyone been following W. Hodding Carter's Extreme Frugality column in Gourmet magazine? Overwhelmed by their debt and a lifestyle that was beyond their means, he and his family of six have now committed to living on $550/month after mortgage, taxes, insurance, and credit card payments. The several columns that I have read have been interesting and amusing. Check it out!

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