Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Menu this Week: Skipping Grocery Shopping

Well, as you can tell, my weekend was a bit crazy and the week got off to a busy start, which is why I haven't posted in a few days. Luckily, I don't have to do any grocery shopping this week. Although it is the week for my two-week shopping trip, I decided to skip shopping this week for various reasons.

We have plenty of food in the house, and so I was excited to challenge myself to plan a menu literally without buying anything. I stopped at Giant yesterday for just milk, fruit, and yogurt (three necessities for us), but other than that, we'll be eating from the pantry and fridge this week. Here's our menu:

Mon - Pepperoni pasta, salad

Tues - Meatloaf, noodles, canned green beans

Wed - Chinese Orange Beef (This has been on my menu for weeks, but I keep not ever making it! Maybe this week?!)

Thurs - Leftover meatloaf

Fri - Grilled tilapia, oven fries, spinach

Sat - Tacos, fruit salad

Sun - Something with grilled flank steak (Father's Day!)

A week from Saturday, June 27, our family is leaving for the beach for a week! Hooray! Afterwards, the girls and I will be staying with my parents for two weeks, while Michael heads back home to work. So next week I plan to make a big Wegmans run on Monday to get some food for the trip as well as food to leave Michael for while I'm gone.

Currently my grocery spending for June is at $259.83. It's somewhat higher than normal, since we did some extra spending on a BBQ we hosted. However, since I'm skipping shopping this week, I hope that I can still make my Wegmans trip next week and any other deals I pick up stay within the June budget, leaving the July grocery budget available for some treats at the beach.

Hope your week got off to a great start!

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