Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday Tip

A quick, painless money saving tip every Tuesday

Use a discount dry cleaner. Regular dry cleaning prices are so expensive, but did you know that there are discount dry cleaning chains and independent stores that charge one flat low price for any item? A lot of them seem to charge $1.99, with some variation based on the area of the country.

My mom has been using a discount dry cleaner successfully for years, so when I discovered one near my husband's workplace, I started making the extra effort to go there. I would estimate we save a minimum of a couple of dollar per item on something like a shirt, and probably at least ten dollars on a larger item, such as a coat!

I have never had a problem with the quality of the dry cleaning, although I would probably not use them for something like a formal dress, just because of the extra detailing and delicate fabrics. However, for our ordinary needs, the discount cleaners is perfect. Check your phone book or Google to find a discount dry cleaners in your area, or check out Dry Clean Depot, motto "We clean your clothes, not your wallet." Now I like that!

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