Monday, July 13, 2009

Guest Post: The Cheap and Chic Wedding Challenge

This time of year, there are so many weddings - indoor, outdoor, evening, morning. What's a girl to do? AFTER the gifts, the airfare, and the hotel rooms, your little wallet is gasping. But you really don't want to show up in last year's togs (especially not when the pictures come out). Here are some inexpensive ideas for making your new purchases multitask to save serious coinage, all based around a versatile dress for only $42.

One trick when shopping inexpensively is to go for a monochrome look - here, it's a soft pink, white, and gold. At Summer events it's also important to be functional, and this outfit works for morning or afternoon. Inside? Throw the scarf over your shoulders as a shield from the a/c. Outdoors? Stylish peeps keep things in focus while the scarf dresses up your handbag. And, colorful headbands keeps your hair back in the heat.

Cheap and Chic Wedding
Cheap and Chic Wedding by Sanity Fair featuring Chinese Laundry bags

What's the damage?

Solid Jersey Belted Dress $42.00 (Tulle at
Miss Trish of Capri Sandals $29.99 (Target at
LA Lady Sunglasses $11.99 (Modcloth at
Necklace $ 7.80 and (Forever 21 at
Icarus Scarf $15.99 (Modcloth)
Chinese Laundry Snake Shoulder Tote: $29.99 (Piperlime at
Twiggy Headband $8 (France Luxe at


Here's the second version. The dress has to take you into the evening, ready to dance into the wee hours (and catch a bouquet). Pink gets dressed up for night with a punch of color in a stylish clutch, more jewelry, and a dressy shoe. Don't be afraid to do sparkle in your accessories - gilt disguises inexpensive materials. But remember, nothing says cheap faster than something too shiny or too short. Wear a nicely draping fabric and keep the sparkle in the extras.

Cheap and Chic Evening Wedding
Cheap and Chic Evening Wedding by Sanity Fair featuring Big Buddha clutches

Solid Jersey Belted Dress $42.00 (Tulle)
Irina Dress Sandals $22.99 (Target)
Big Buddha Clutch $39.99 (Piperlime)
Necklace $6.80 (Forever 21)
Athena Bracelets $5.80 (Forever 21)


Naturally, you can switch the shoes and other accessories around to create even more outfits. And be sure to check out the websites listed above for many other cute and creative options. There are some wonderfully chic items out there, waiting for you to scoop them up!

The author is a Southern writer who enjoys dabbling in the finer things (the design, garden, and fashion things, specifically). Her blog, Sanity Fair, is devoted to design, fashion, and all things beautiful.

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