Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday Tip

A quick, painless money-saving tip every Tuesday.

Today's tip is thanks to my mom!

Save your old, stained, or out-of-date clothes
and use them for cleaning, exercising, or yard work. Sometimes you stain or tear an item so that it is unwearable, and it probably would not be used or sold even by a charity such as Goodwill. Yet it seems to a shame to throw out clothes that still have usable fabric.

My mom's solution is to save the clothes and use them for jobs where she doesn't want to ruin good clothing or for exercising. Of course, you might need specialized exercise clothing for some kinds of workouts, but if you think about it, do you need to buy new clothing just to walk on the treadmill in your basement? Chances are, old shorts and a tee shirt would work just as well!

This tip saves money in several different ways. First, it saves money on buying specialized exercise or work clothing. It also protects your good clothing by not risking stains. Finally, it gives you more return on your investment in your old clothing and prevents waste.

Have a quick and easy money-saving tip to share? Email me, and I'll credit you if I use your tip.

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