Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tuesday Tip

Use bibs on your young children. Not only do they save money on laundry detergent and stain remover, but they save a lot of time and trouble trying to get stains out. Also, at least for me, there are always those stains that I can't get out and that ruin and waste clothes.

Personally, I think that all bibs should be both wipeable (so that they can be used for several meals) and machine washable (so that you can get them completely clean). I have been happy with Bumpkins (the investment is worth it), but Ikea also makes a pretty good similar bib.

I know that a lot of parents give up on bibs once the child can pull them off, but there lots of options out there that might stay on better. Bumpkins makes a bib with back ties and sleeves. Or try decorating a large old t-shirt as a special "meal shirt." For my almost three year old, we've moved onto cute kids aprons that I've gotten at the dollar store and Target dollar spot.

Photo by ppreacher.


  1. I LOVE Bumpkins here too! :) Good idea about the apron! I feel kind of silly making my 3 yr old wear a bib, but she still needs something, so an apron is a great idea!

  2. Hi, I made up a 'mayfly' smocket for this use, my 3 yr old definately won't wear a bib, but she's a mucky eater, so the smocket is perfect.

  3. I used to make my own bibs out of shower curtains from the dollar tree. I would just cut a big rectangle out and then make an "x" mark in slits for the baby's head. You can also make bibs out of old shirts or dishtowels. Although, I also drool over the ikea bibs :-)


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