Thursday, September 10, 2009

Frugal Homemade Party Decorations


Today's DIY project is very simple, but I thought it was worth sharing, since it is a festive and very frugal way to decorate for a party.

For my daughters' birthdays, I had a "classic birthday" theme, so instead of using streamers, I made my own paper decorations: good old fashioned paper chains and pinwheels!

My 3 year old had a lot of fun helping me make the paper chains, and she actually able to thread and glue the paper herself. I used a ruler to cut one inch strips from construction paper and glued them with a glue stick. One sheet of each color paper made two surprisingly long chains.

I didn't save the link that I used to get instructions to make the pinwheels, but it was easy to find on a Google search. Basically, you fold a square of paper so that there are folds from the center to each corner, and then you simply cut down the folds and twist the paper. The pinwheels looked cute and festive, and I used them to make this door decoration with a piece of ribbon.

Total cost for all the decorations I made was $.88 for a pack of construction paper!

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  1. A great reminder about how fabulously versatile paper can be!

  2. How funny! I just made paper hanging flag garland for my daughter's 7th bday. The chain looks great too!

    Fun to DIY.


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