Monday, September 7, 2009

Two Week Menu Plan

Wow! It's been a while since I posted a full two-week menu plan. My schedule was off for August due to family events and various other things, so I only planned a week at a time. Now I'm getting back to my bi-weekly menu plan and Wegmans trip. Even though I find it more overwhelming to plan for two weeks, it's nice to not have to think about it for that length of time.

Tonight we're planning to grill a bunch of meat as the last hurrah of summer. Here's the rest of the plan for the next two weeks:

- the tons of cereals I've gotten for under $1 lately
- homemade bagels & muffins (baked last week)
- yogurt
- fruit

- leftovers
- cheese and crackers (with pepperoni?)
- pbj
- chicken sandwiches

- homemade hummus w. crackers/veggies (I need to use this tahini I bought)
- popcorn ($.10 at CVS)
- homemade chex mix
- granola bars

Mon- Grilled steak and potatoes, peas
Tues- Herb mustard stuffed pork tenderloin (grilled), leftover potatoes, salad or green beans
Wed - Chicken and steak stir-fry, rice, fruit
Thurs - Leftovers (Michael out)
Fri - Homemade veggie pizza
Sat - Leftover pork roast, herb rice, vegetable
Sun - Baked stuffed peppers

Mon - Beef and bean burritos
Tues - Grilled pesto, veggie, and cheese sandwiches, fries, fruit
Wed - Sodality Chicken and Rice casserole (what my siblings used to call "chicken and rice glop")
Thurs - Italian Sausage with onions and peppers, salad, bread
Fri - Spinach, brown rice, and cheese casserole
Sat - Leftover chicken casserole
Sun - Leftovers, etc.

As always, you can see tons of menu plans at Menu Planning Mondays!

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