Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Easy Freezer Meals

In addition to packing for the beach trip for myself and the girls this week, I've also been preparing food to freeze for my husband to eat while were gone.  It's important to me that he have easy and nutritious meals available without spending money eating out.  (Plus, then he has more time to work on the home projects he's planning!)  Here are some of the items I'm preparing for him: 

Breakfasts - Michael will probably eat a bowl of cereal at home, and then grab a yogurt to take with him to work.  I also made a batch of homemade bagels and frozen them.

Work Lunches - We used a Restaurant.com gift card to eat at our favorite pizzeria on Father's Day.  Since the gift card had a $50 minimum purchase (which goes far at this reasonably priced restaurant), we ordered two pizzas to go.  Then I froze them in  packages of two slices.  Michael can grab one of these each day as his lunch, with no sandwich-making or time involved!

I'm also leaving little ziploc bags of chips, granola bars, and invidividual cups of applesauce and diced fruit as snacks he can take to eat throughout the workday.

Dinners - Chili and lasanga were his requests, so that's what I'm making.  I'm freezing a small lasanga in aluminum foil, which he can thaw and bake and then eat over several days.  The chili I'm packaging in individual serving size plastic containers. 

He'll also have plenty of fresh salad and spinach from our garden, which he knows that he has to pick to maintain the garden.  He might even get the first tomatoes or cucumbers too!

PS - I hope this list doesn't make it sound like I'm an oppressed wife or something!  Even though it is some extra work this week, I'm happy to prepare this stuff for him.  I'm the one that handles the food preparation in our family, and I know Michael appreciates that.  In return, I appreciate the fact that he rarely complains about what I make and is willing to eat everything homemade instead of going out. :-)

Photo by pausimausi.

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