Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Harris Teeter Super Doubles Trip

Yay - I actually made to HT Super Doubles pretty early this morning; we arrived at about 10:00.  It was nice; I don't think they were out of a single thing that I wanted.  I got some of the last few Danimals yogurt, so probably just a short time later I would have been out of luck!

In total I spent $18.74 for the items pictured (plus a 12 pack of Cottonelle TP I forgot to include in the picture), down from $95.26 before sales and coupons.  I think it was a pretty good super doubles run.  It would have actually been $2.00 cheaper, except that I unfortunately forgot to give the cashier my $1.00 Cottonelle coupon.  Grr - frustrating - but these things happen.

Some of the best deals I got were the free Danimals, Terra chips, and Kahiki egg rolls.  I was also excited about the Nitrate-free Oscar Meyer beef hot dogs for just $.75 per package!  I got most of my coupon matchups from Jenny's lists over at Southern Savers.  Her printable shopping lists are great!

Anyone else make it to Harris Teeter yet this week?


  1. Great HT Super Doubles run Liz! I hope to make it there later this morning to snag some deals!

  2. I had my best HT run ever! I bought $80.64 of groceries for $21.74! My best free deals were Ritz Crackerfuls and Mac and Cheese Homestyle (we tried this last night for dinner and thought it was awful). My favorite deal was on Wheatables. They were 2.69 a box and I had 1.00 off coupons, making them 0.69 each. However, they also had a coupon on them for a free box of their Nut Crisps when you buy a box of Wheatables. So I got 4 boxes for 1.38, or 0.35 a box.

  3. Great job! I was able to get 15 organic items for free this week.


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