Thursday, July 15, 2010

Make Your Own Curtains -- From Sheets!

The picture above shows off the top part of our "new" family room curtains (I apologize that my camera was not cooperating on getting a full picture of the curtains). Would you believe it that these were once sheets that sat unused and lonely in my linen closet for a few years?

One of my favorite ways to save my family money is to re-purpose things I already have around the house. When we moved from our small apartment to our house, I was faced with a window decorating challenge. We went from having 2 windows to decorate to over 15! Needless to say, curtains can be extremely expensive, especially if you have to cover several windows. So after some creative brain-storming I decided I would make some of our curtains using fabric I had around the house. I rummaged through my linen closet and found sheets I had not used for years, but I liked the pattern so I hated the thought of giving them away.

Making curtains from sheets are quick, easy and economical. The lightweight cotton fabric is a great addition to a kid's room or family room for a more casual feel. And the best part about making curtains from sheets? Little to no sewing is required!

First, measure your window to determine the width and length of your curtains. The "proper" width of the curtains is 2-3 times the size of the window, but depending on the look you are going for, you can do more or less. Keep in mind that the length also depends on how high you position the curtain rod, as well as the type of curtain (tab-top, rod pocket, etc.)

To make rod pocket curtains, simple fold the top of the sheets over to make a sufficient sized "pocket" to slide the curtain rod through and sew. Depending on how many panels you want, and if you are using one sheet as one panel, making the pocket may be the only step you need to make your curtains!

Making tab top curtains is fairly easy. I found a good instuctional on ehow here To make with sheets you can eliminate hemming the sides since this has already been done for you. Depending on how long you need the bottoms of the curtains, you may be able to eliminate hemming the bottom as well.

If you don't know how to sew, or don't own a sewing machine, consider making no-sew curtains by using Heat'nBond fusible web iron-on tape. This is found in many craft stores in the "notions" section, usually near the velcro. Since you will most likely need to iron your fabric anyway to get accurate measurements, using this no-sew technique is quick and easy.

What other ideas have you found useful for decorating the windows in your home?

Niki is a SAHM of 2 young girls in the Dallas, TX area. When she is not changing diapers or chasing after her toddler, Niki enjoys baking for her family and sewing to set up her Etsy shop.

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