Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Plants for Pennies

Hi, I'm Lacy from Catholic Icing and I'm guest posting for Liz today! Today I'm posting about growing plants, because I'm awesome and I have a really green thumb... NOT! The real story? I tried to grow my plants from seeds this year, but it didn't work out for me.

I planted all kinds of things in cute little egg cartons this year and set them on a table in my sun room. I would tell you that I was good about watering them fairly consistently. My husband would disagree. Either way, all that I was successfully able to grow from seeds were some pumpkin and zucchini plants. I actually did grow some watermelon vines, but they got eaten by something as soon as we planted them in the yard. I think the same little animal ate most of my spices, too. We put a fence around our veggie garden before take 2.

So I thought "Maybe I'll have better luck planting seeds right in the ground rather than in egg cartons". I planted a bunch of flower seeds... but they didn't come up. None of them. Not even the first sprout. And the pumpkins in our veggie garden were lonely...

That's when I discovered the plant clearance at Lowe's! All the Lowe's in my area seem to have great plant clearance! You know... the plants that have been under-watered and look like they need a little TLC. I've gotten multiple trays of flowers- $2.50 for the trays with 18 plants! We also got several blueberry bushes for $2.50 each, down from $10. We also got tomato plants, grape vines, and 4 different kinds of herbs for 75% off! So it's not too late- go raid your Lowe's- the clearance racks will be in the back of the garden section. Ask for help if you don't find them. I don't think Home Depot does this because I haven't found any clearance plants there at all.
I also got some hanging baskets at the Dollar Tree. They sell the metal baskets seperate from the coconut liners, so they actually end up costing $2 each. I put 3 clearance flowers in each basket, which at $2.50/18 is about $0.41/basket. So both hanging baskets together cost me a total of around $5! I love how they look on my porch!

The geraniums I got are doing just lovely. Apparently I only kill seedlings- not little plants :-)

I'm very happy with my yard, and it was totally worth the money! Everything that I bought on clearance perked right up when I brought it home and gave it some water! How did you guys do this year- did you have success with seeds, or find another way to save?

I'm a Catholic stay-at-home Mommy of 3 beautiful children- ages 4, 2, and brand new! :-) I was an art major in college, and I LOVE anything creative. Thrifting is one of my favorite past times, along with decorating, painting, ceramics, videography- I have waaaay too many hobbies to list them all!


  1. Way to go, Lacy! They look lovely :)

  2. I got six tomatoes plant for $.50, six eggplant plants for $.50 and six habanero pepper plant for $.50 at my lowes. :)


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