Friday, July 23, 2010

Preparing for Christmas - in July!

Christmas . . . it seems like a long time away, especially when we're melting in 98 degree heat!  However, now is actually the time that I start thinking about the holiday season every so often and making some simple preparations. 

While as a family we certainly try to emphasize the non-material aspects of Christmas, the holiday still remains a comparatively large expense.  Between gifts, travel, special food, decorations, and other incidentals, the costs add up quickly.  I do like to make the holidays a special and extraordinary time, and so it is worth it to me to plan ahead.  As with so many things, a little planning ahead can save a lot of money in the long run.

Here are some of the areas I'm thinking about now:

Saving up - There is a stereotype that is probably all too true of families spending on the holidays first and then dealing with the credit card bills later.  That is not the way we live, so I plan for the whole year how we will pay for holiday expenses.  Right now, the way I do it is to save up little bits of extra money we receive throughout the year in a separate account.  Whether it's an unexpected refund, earnings from a consignment sale, or a check from Ebates, I keep it separate from our regular budget so that I won't spend it.

Collecting Swagbucks and gift cards - All throughout the year I use the search engine Swagbucks for internet searches and save up points to cash in for Amazon gift cards.  I started this last fall, after reading about other bloggers doing the same, and I was very pleased with the results.  From just a few months of searches and a couple of referrals, I earned about $25 in gift cards last year.  This year I have been doing it the whole year, so I hope to earn quite a bit more.  I also save up other gift cards that I earn from prescription coupons or other store promotions.

Collecting stocking stuffers/other gifts - As I shop clearance sales and yard and consignment sales the whole year, I try to keep future gifts in mind.  Stocking stuffers, especially, are easy to pick up for pennies at clearance sales throughout the year.  School supply sales going on right now are a perfect place to pick up art supplies for pennies.  I also don't mind giving nice used toys as gifts to my own children, so I look for items they might like at yard and consignment sales.

Making lists and ideas, watching sales - While I'm not like some super-organized people who have their Christmas shopping finished by Thanksgiving, I do try to jot down gift and decoration ideas early on.  That way, if I see the perfect item or come across a great sale, I know what I might need.

Are you preparing for the holiday season this early?

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  1. I save all year for Christmas too - I like the idea of saving as opposed to "paying off".

  2. SO GLAD to know I am not the only one :o) I start planning my Christmas parties every year in July. I love love love Christmas. I'm looking forward to Christmas trees, the holiday spirit, cookies, hot chocolate, Christmas movies... December is so much fun!

  3. I like to cash in my coins at Coinstar and get gift cards or certificates (so the count counting is free). I hadn't thought about doing this to get gift cards to give as presents!
    I'm thinking now is the time to get going on homemade Christmas gifts, although it seems funny to be crocheting scarves in late July, LOL!

  4. My in laws used to tease me mercilessly about starting shopping in July. But that was the only way we could make ends meet and still buy gifts.

    We've done a lot of homemade gifts as well as "practical" gifts - the kids can open up clothes/PJs for spring and summer at Christmas time, and I'm able to buy them cheap.

    Our stockings have included toothbrushes, hair accessories, etc., rather than the little toys. And we subscribe to my husband's family tradition of an apple and an orange in the stocking (a Southern thing).

    But, even in the worst year we had financially, they never noticed that they didn't have much under the tree. And I thank God for that.


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