Thursday, August 19, 2010

Amazing Gap Groupon Deal

I just had to share this awesome Groupon deal today, showing up for Washington DC and maybe other cities.  The deal is coupon for $50 worth of merchandise at the Gap for just $25!  If you shop at the Gap with any regularity at all, this should be worth it!  The certificate can only be used in store, and it expires Nov. 19.  There do not seem to be any restrictions on what you can buy, as long as you buy in-store at a regular Gap store, except for the exclusion of gift cards and a couple of brands like Robeez and Keds.  So if you find sale or clearance merchandise you could really clean up!

If you're interested in this deal, be sure to get it quickly, before they run out!

n.b. - If you sign up for Groupon through my link, I will get a referral bonus..


  1. Thanks for sharing the Groupon Deal. Twitted for my fan base.

  2. I caught this one early on before the site went down. Seems like there was no sellout point though and anyone with patience got one? But just one...?


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