Friday, September 10, 2010

Guest Post: Sesame Place on a Budget (Part 2)

Yesterday, Becky Lucyshyn talked about how to save on hotels and tickets at Sesame Place. Today, she will focus on how to save on expensive amusement park food!  Here is a little excerpt from Part 2.
Planning ahead for meals is another huge moneysaver when going on vacation, and Sesame Place is no exception! Food in the park is typical of amusement parks and the prices can be expensive (especially when you have a family of four or more!). In order to stretch your budget for meals, our family took a save, save, save, splurge mentality with regards to breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner!

Let's discuss the splurge first so you understand why to be frugal on the other meals! We decided that dinner would be our splurge meal (or at least not our most frugal meal of the day). One idea that I would highly recommend is the character dinner! This is a splurge, but a very nice treat especially if you have been frugal in the other areas! To read more about how to have extra money for the character dinner by saving on breakfast, lunch, and snacks, click to Part 2.

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