Thursday, October 7, 2010

Target Clearance and CVS Deals

The baby and I went out shopping Monday night after dinner, and I got several good deals around town.  At CVS, I found two big boxes of those freezable pouch popsicles marked down to $.99 each (75% off).   They'll keep until next summer, and it will be nice to have them for hot afternoons in the backyard. 

The CVS price scanner also printed a coupon for me for $5 off any Halloween decor, costume, or accessory item, with no minimum!  I"m not into scary decorations, so here's what I picked out:

The wand set was $3.99, and the light sticks were $.99 each.  (I couldn't find items to come out to exactly $5).  However, for less than a dollar I got a future gift (wands and tiaras are always popular in a house with little girls), as well as a fun treat for Halloween.

At Target, I browsed the clothing clearance racks a bit and found these items:

The overalls for next year for Baby Gem were $3.24, and the baby outfit for my baby gift stash was just $1.50!  And don't you love the dress for Mommy???  It was just $9.98 - 75% off!  Unfortunately, I got one size too small.  I'm planning to try to exchange it tonight, hoping they still have the next size up!

Also at Target, I got these grocery items from the deals this week:
- 5 Mott's applesauce ($.75 each after gift card)
- 2 Market Pantry shredded cheese ($1.34 each after printable coupon)
- 2 Lunchables ($.50 after coupon)
- 1 bag of grapes ($.99/lb., used produce coupon)
- 1 bag caramel Hershey kisses (used register coupon from previous trip with insert coupon to get to $.99)
- 2 boxes of Huggies wipes ($.013 per wipe after coupons and gift card)

Have you picked up any great deals this week?

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