Monday, October 18, 2010

Wegmans Menu Magazine Coupons

I've been meaning to give a quick rundown of the coupons in the fall issue of Wegmans Menu Magazine.  This magazine is available for $4 in-store, but it is mailed for free to Wegmans cardholders who give their correct mailing address.

This season's coupons are as follows:

$1.00 off any two Italian Classic Pasta (16 oz. including Whole Wheat)
$1.00 off any Italian Classics Frozen Meals (32-40 oz. varieties)
$1.00 off any Organic Grass-Fed Stew Beef in Keeps Fresh Packaging
$1.00 off Food You Feel Good About Cleaned and Cut Butternut Squash (20 oz.)
$1.00 off any Italian Classics Refrigerated Pasta (9-20 oz. varieties)
$1.00 off any Italian Classics Refrigerated Sauce (7-13 oz. varieties)
$1.00 off Italian Cliassics Mini Frozen Cannolis (14 oz.) - this is tooo tempting!
$1.00 off Pane Italian (Italian bread) (14 oz.)
$1.00 off  Italian Classics Vodka Blush, Seasoned Tomato, or Parmesan Cream Sauce(24 oz.)
$1.00 off Wegmans All-Natural Uncured Salami (5 varieties)

If I find any particularly good deals using the coupons, I'll include them with my weekly Wegmans deal posts.

These coupons are only good through 11/06.  I'm thinking that this means that there will be a holiday issue of the magazine coming out next month.

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