Thursday, November 18, 2010

$10 Giving Challenge - "Wegmans Style"

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I have been planning to participate in Moneywise Moms $10 Food Bank challenge, and I finally remembered to purchase my items!  Basically, the idea is to take $10 from your grocery budget this month, maximize it with deal shopping, and donate it to a food bank.

I had hoped to do this at Harris Teeter Super Doubles a few weeks ago, but I didn't have my act together that week.  So instead, I decided to just spend the $10 at Wegmans on their Wegmans brand deals.  I know that Wegmans brand is high quality, and I figured that even without coupons I could get a good amount of food for $10.

Here's what I got:

1 box Wegmans Toasted Oats - $1.99
1 box Wegmans Ziti - $.69
1 jar Wegmans Marinara Sauce - $.99
1 quart Wegmans Cream of Tomato Soup - $1.99
5 cans Wegmans vegetables - $.39 each
7 boxes Wegmans macaroni and cheese - $.33 each
Total: $10.18 with tax

I based some of my choices on the local interfaith relief organization's wish list, which was published in our church bulletin on Sunday.  Our monthly food collection is this weekend, so I know that I'll have an easy opportunity to drop it off.

This really made me think what a small fraction of our food budget $10 really is, yet what a difference the food could make to someone struggling. I've started to think that maybe I should do something like this every month; I'll be thinking and praying about that over the holiday season.

If you feel so inspired, think about joining the $10 Food Bank Challenge yourself!  Link up or comment with Gina and let me know too if you decide to join in!


  1. Great job Liz! I'm part way done with my $10 Food Bank Challenge shopping and hope to post my picture and deals in the next few days.
    Wegmans has some great prices, even without coupons.
    Just curious, were the Mac & Cheese boxes free since you didn't include a price next to them?

  2. Thanks for pointing that out, Laura! I added in the price - they've been on a long-term sale for just $.33 each!


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