Sunday, November 21, 2010

Advent Deals

My family is gearing up to start observing Advent, the season that anticipates Christmas, and I found a couple of deals on a few products to enhance our celebration that I thought were worth sharing.

First off, Advent candles.  Every year I search around town to find the requisite three purple and one rose candle.  Craft and big box stores are often out of the appropriate colors, so I've had to pay a hefty price to get them at Hallmark or Yankee Candle.  This year I am just not up for all that running around, so I was happy to find an Advent candle set for $3.99 online at  I also ordered this lovely Advent calendar for $2.99. 
Shipping is just $3.99 for up to $20 of merchandise, and I figure that I probably would have paid nearly that much extra for more expensive candles, not to mention the trouble this is saving me!  If you're interested, check out's bargain section as well - how can you resist browsing around the sections labeled "Christmas under $2" and "Under $1"?!

Next up, the Little People Nativity Set!  I have wanted this for my kids since I had my first daughter, and the cheapest I have ever seen it in the past is $30.  Well, this week at Target it is just $13.99!!!  This looks like such a meaningful toy for young children.  All I ask is to please not clean them out of my local store before I make it there on Monday morning. ;-)


  1. I called my mom and told her about the Target deal- she got us one this morning! A reader told me to make sure and ask if they have some in the back if you don't see them out. My kids are getting their for St. Nicholas day. Good luck! :-)

  2. I successfully got one for my girls. I'm so excited to give it to them!

  3. Hi Liz! I ordered that set of advent candles you linked to -- and the ones that were supposed to be purple were actually blue! Did you have that problem? I checked back at the site and the fine print actually does say blue -- isn't that wierd?

  4. MT - So sorry! Mine were actually purple; I think I ordered a slightly different set. I guess I linked to the wrong one - so sorry that happened!

    That is weird too - who uses blue Advent candles?


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