Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Best Deals Roundup

Great deals for your week, from the blogosphere and beyond . . .

The photo deals are really hopping this month, as companies compete for your Christmas business!

There's a really good one today on Plum District: Get $20 worth of cards, calendars, or photo books from Kodak Gallery for $10.  Although shipping is not included, apparantly you can have your order shipped to your local Target store for free.  To get this deal, go to Plum District and click on the deal for "Everywhere."

Snapfish is offering free shipping on orders over $25.  Shipping can sometimes really add to the cost of photo gifts, so this is a good deal if you have several items you know you want to buy.

Vistaprint is offering a bunch of items for FREE right now, including holiday cards, mugs, and photo calendars.  You just have to pay shipping and processing.  The lowest shipping to me for 10 free cards was $6.11, so this is not completely free, but it still could be a good deal.

In non-photo deals . . .

Wow - from November 18-21, Starbucks is offering Buy One Get One Free holiday drinks!!!  This would be great to pair with your discounted Starbucks gift card, if you were lucky enough to get one.  Go with a friend and split the bill! (Thanks, Money Saving Mom!)

Have you received the Target toy catalogue with all the coupons good through Thanksgiving?  One deal that I noticed that was particularly good was the wooden Thomas train starter set for just $12.99 with coupon!  A couple of years ago when our daughter received a train set for Christmas, the lowest I could find the Thomas set for was $30!

Since I ordered my kids' Halloween costumes with a Groupon to BuyCostumes.com, I have been receiving emails from the company.  Last week, they sent me a coupon code for 35% off a clearance order, so I poked around the site a bit.  In the clearance party section, I found bowling paper party goods marked down to $.49/pack!  My husband has a bowling party every year for his birthday, so I stocked up for the next few years.  They also had some princess tableware marked down to $.49.  I'm definitely going to be keeping my eye on their clearance in the future.

I found 75% off candy and Halloween decor at my CVS yesterday.  I picked up bags of Milky Ways, Nerds, and gummi bears and worms for $.99 each.  I'm saving the gummis for our Christmas road trip (we like to have chewy candy to keep us going) and the Milky Ways will totally work for Christmas stockings!

What great deals do you have your eye on this week?

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  1. There's also a coupon in the September Parenting magazine for $10 off the Thomas set...combine that with the Target deal, and I got it for $2.50!

  2. Wow!!! I'm off to find my magazine . . .


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