Monday, January 24, 2011

Menu Plan: Last Week of January

Well, so far I've been keeping good track of my receipts this month, and I have $25 left in the grocery budget for January.  We do need a few staples like milk and yogurt, but otherwise I'm trying to use what we have and start fresh next week.

I'm also trying to plan lunches a little better starting this week.  My kids always eat the same things (salami, yogurt, or peanut butter), and I don't mind foraging for whatever.  But my poor husband sometimes suffers if I can't think of much to give him when I pack his lunch in the mornings!  Thus I'm trying to plan better so I have an idea what to give him for all five workdays each week.

homemade poptarts
chocolate chip muffins
bagels (if I get them baked!)

leftover chili with corn chips
salami sandwiches with soup
frozen homemade pizza
hot dogs

Monday - Ham and black-eyed pea soup, bread
Tuesday - Baked chicken fingers, fries, corn
Wednesday - Pot roast, potatoes, carrots
Thursday - Leftover pot roast
Friday - Lasagna roll-ups, salad, bread
Saturday - Chicken finger tacos, corn, fruit
Sunday - Leftovers or tbd!

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