Friday, February 18, 2011

Preparing for Spring Shopping

The weather has been warm this week, so it's the perfect time to start thinking about spring wardrobes for you and your kids.  You've probably already noticed the spring merchandise in the stores. Sundresses! Bathing suits! Warm-weather clothing is out in full force, and soon enough there will even be sales on the earliest arrivals. Also, spring consignment sales in my area will be starting shortly - some as early as this month!

Especially at consignment sales, where everything is great prices, it's easy to get carried away with great deals, only to perhaps find out that your daughter actually has plenty of dresses but no t-shirts. That is why before every season, I prepare for shopping with a few simple steps, so that I spend money wisely on what my children (and even I and my husband) really need.

Here's what I do:

Catalogue what we have - I look through items from last year that may still fit, hand-me-downs, and clearance bargains that I picked up in larger sizes.

Try it on - I may not try every item on my squirmy toddlers, but I do try on some. That way I make sure not only of their size, but if particular items run true to size, fit their body type, etc.

Get feet measured - Every season I take my girls to the Stride Rite Outlet to get their feet measured. (The outlet is nice because the employees are trained to measure feet, but it is self-serve so there is no pressure to buy.) I think that well-fitting shoes are important, so I don't rely on simply trying on shoes to figure out what size they need. After they're measured I know exactly what size to look for if I buy any of their shoes without them.

Check the family calendar - It is important each season to take into consideration what types of clothing the kids will need, so I take into account what they will be doing. This could include any types of events and activities - weddings and other special occasions, vacations, sports, lessons, camps, etc. If we're going to the beach, I know they'll need a couple of swimsuits; if to a wedding a very dressy dress, etc.

Shopping for seasonal wardrobes for three growing kids is much less overwhelming when I'm confident that I know exactly what they need!

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  1. Those are great tips! I've finally learned to actually look in my kids closets before I go shopping. I also keep bins of hand-me-downs from friends that my kids will grow into. That saves a ton of money!

  2. Great list. I was caught off-guard this week with the superwarm weather. I couldn't find short-sleeved shirts for my girls!


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