Saturday, March 19, 2011

Consignment Sale Deals

Each time I come home from a consignment sale I just can't wait to share all my bargains!  I was up at 5:00AM this morning, but as always it was fun and worth it!  Here are my best finds from today's sale:

Maclaren Twin Traveller: $75

This seemed like a lot to spend for me, and I gulped a bit as I wrote the check.  But I've been very frustrated these past few months trying to go out with my Sit n Stand, as my 2-1/2 year old really still needs a place to sit down and be strapped in!  I've heard wonderful things about Maclaren's double strollers.  They don't seem to make this model any more, but the similar Twin Techno retails for over $300.

Stride Rite Sandals: $3

These look like new!  A similar pair would cost $40 in the store.

Gymboree Shorts, New with Tags: $5

They still have the tag for $26.50 attached!

Baby LuLu dress: $1

I couldn't believe this was just a dollar!  Here's a dress from their site for $49.  And this one looks even cuter on my "LuLu" than it does in the picture.

Hilda van Stockum book: $2

This is not so much about the bargain as about finding an out-of-print book by a classic author that I know from my childhood.

Roller skates: $3

The picture says it all!

Have you done any consignment sale shopping so far this season?  What are your best finds?


  1. Gosh, I'd like a baby lulu dress (in my size) -- and a place to wear it. What a day!

  2. LOVE Maclaren strollers! I definitely have stroller envy now! ;) Sorry to have missed you at the sale. I definitely got some great stuff for the boys, though.



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