Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ebay Groupon Deal

You may have already seen this deal, as it's been going around the internet.  But in case you haven't, I wanted to share it, as it's too good a deal not to highlight!

Through Thursday, you can get a Groupon for $7 for a $15 order from Ebay!  You can apply the voucher to taxes and shipping, and you can use it over multiple transactions.  You have to have Ebay and Paypal accounts. I don't see an expiration date for the voucher.

This could definitely make for an even sweeter deal on an already good deal from Ebay!

(Thanks to Money Saving Mom, where I first saw this deal.)


  1. D'oh, the link doesn't work for me :( What city is this Groupon posted?

  2. Sorry about that! I had trouble finding the deal by city, but the link should work now.


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