Thursday, March 24, 2011

Harris Teeter Super Doubles Deals

Believe it or not, I thought of skipping this Super Doubles week altogether.  The deals didn't seem as spectacular as last month's, and I'm near the end of our grocery budget for March.

Predictably, though .  . . I couldn't stay away.  However, I stuck mostly with free and very cheap items, and I'm still slightly under budget for the month.

Total Spent: about $11.00 - from a pre-coupons and sales total of over $65!

I picked up the Gerber fingertip toothbrush and baby toothpaste since a 50% off sign caught my eye, and Baby Gem seems to be teething.  However, my total at the checkout seemed a little high, and sure enough, it rang up full price.  I went to the service desk, and after checking the price, they gave me a full refund!  Apparently, HT has a policy to give the item for free if it rings up incorrectly.  Good to know!

Have you gotten any great grocery deals this week?

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  1. Weren't the strawberries b1g2 free? I'm wondering if you got a discount for just buying one?


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