Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Wegmans In-Store Coupons

Currently in Wegmans stores there is a 4-page booklet of store coupons available.  My store had a rack of these booklets on a display right as you walk into the store, but I've also seen past coupon pages in the pharmacy/health and beauty section. 

This is the biggest such booklet I've seen; it includes the following coupons:

Health Savings
Save $1.00 - Any Wegmans Fish Oil
Save $1.00 - Any TopCare Thermometer
Save $1.00 - Any Wegmans Vitamin C Supplement
Save $1.00 - Wegmans Ultra Complete or Senior Ultra Complete, 100 ct.
Save $15.00 Any Nicoderm or Nicorette Smoking Cessation Product
Save $1.00 - Wegmans Calcium +D, 600 mg, 300 ct.
Save $5.00 - Any TopCare Blood Pressure Monitor
Save $1.00 - Tums Antacid Tablets 60-150 ct.

Personal Savings
Save $1.00 - Any Eucerin Product
Save $1.00 - Sensodyne or Sensodyne Iso-Active
Save $1.00 - Wegmans Sunscreen Continuous Spray or Lotion (excludes Travel Size)
Save $1.00 - Any TopCare Lotion 12-16 fl. oz.
Save $3.00 - Abreva Cold Sore Treatment,. 07 oz.
Save $1.00 - TopCare Glow Lotion
Save $1.00 - Aquafresh Iso-Active Toothpast 4.3 oz.
Save $1.00 - Any Biotene MOuthwash, Toothpaste, or Dry Mouth Liquid

Baby Savings
Save $1.00 - Any Huggies Baby Wipes
Save $.60 - Pamper's Kandoo Sensitive Wipes, 250 ct.
Save $3.00 - Any Wegmans Jumbo Pack Diapers, 20-50 ct.
Save $1.00 Any Li'L Goat's Milk Baby Products
Save $1.00 - Any Method Baby
Save $1.00 - Good Start Baby Formula (makes 172-182 fl. oz.)
Save $.50 - TopCare Baby Wash or Lotions
Save $1.00 - Any Aveeno Baby

Beauty Savings
Save $1.00 Any TopCare Facial Skin Care
Sae $1.00 - Any Cover Girl Face Makeup
Save $1.00 - Aveeno Shampoo or Conditioner 10.5 fl. oz.
Save $1.00 - Any Clean & Clear Facial Skin Care
Save $1.00 - Any Revlon Lipstick
Save $2.00 - Any Aveeno Facial or Skin Care Item, (excluding trial size)
SAve $1.00 - Any New Neutrogena Natruals
Save $1.00 - Any Maybelline Eye Makeup

The coupons all say "Limit 1 per customer" and "Cannot be combined with any other offer."  These coupons all are valid through 3/26/11.  They are Wegmans coupons, so the ones for name brands should be able to be combined with manufacturer's coupons for even greater savings.  I will include any particularly good matchups that I find in my regular Wegmans posts, and please share in the comments if you've found any great deals with these coupons.

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