Monday, April 11, 2011

Menu Plan - Two Weeks Until Easter

Wow, I feel like my fridge and freezer are pretty empty as we start this week; I've definitely got some grocery shopping to do!  I'm planning to hit Wegmans for staples, Giant for a few good deals (eggs, grapes, frozen fish and veggies), and Walgreens and CVS for Easter candy!

Here's the plan for this week:

- Toaster strudel (good deal at Wegmans)
- Cereal and milk
- Maple scones (Thanks to Slow Mama for the link to these - they look good!)

- Salami sandwiches
- Creamy tomato soup w. cheese and crackers
- Spinach and feta pierogis with tomato sauce
- Pasta salad w. veggies and white beans

Mon - Baked chicken, frozen potato/veggie mix
Tues - Black bean and beef nachos, pineapple
Wed - Greek chicken pitas, fries, salad
Thurs -  Pan-seared lamb loin chops, rice, veggie (I have some lamb chops that have been sitting in the freezer; I've never cooked these before!)
Fri - Frozen Chinese shrimp meal
Sat - Homemade pepperoni pizza, birthday cake for my sister!
Sun - TBD

Check out more menu plans over at Org Junkie.

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