Friday, May 6, 2011

Updates to

Today Wegmans contacted me about some updates to their website that they thought would be of interest to my readers.  You get a special sneak peek before they announce this in their Fresh News email tomorrow!

First of all, they have improved their online shopping list tool.  Did you know that you can create a shopping list on their site?

I use their online product catalog to help create and verify prices for my Wegmans deal matchups, but I until today I had never used the shopping list feature.  This was my impetus to create one just now.  Now I'm thinking - why haven't I done this before?

Some of the features that I'm excited about include being able to add items to my list as I think of them and save them for my next trip, being able to see the prices in my particular store, and even adding items from my previous purchases by linking up my Shopper's Club card.  They have a lot of extra features too that I'll have to explore.

Secondly, to encourage use of their new and improved shopping list tool, Wegmans is having a sweepstakes!  Now through May 28, if you sign in to your account and create or update a shopping list, you have a chance to win an $100 gift card or an iPad2!

So, Wegmans shoppers, what are you waiting for?  Go create your list for your next shopping trip!

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  1. I have the bookmark to my Wegmans shopping list on the home screen of my phone. When cooking and using the last can of something, I just go to my phone and add it to my list in seconds. And when I get to Wegmans, my shopping list is always with me, along with the aisle numbers where my items are located. I rarely forget anything when I go shopping now!


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