Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Menu Plan - Back on the Bandwagon

I think I haven't posted in a menu plan in about two weeks.  Sigh - life just gets away from me!  Both weeks I did have a tentative plan that I used myself though; I'm so in the habit of planning now that I would go crazy without it.

Just for fun, here are pics of a couple of meals we've had lately:

I love summery meals with lots of fresh produce!

Here's the plan for this week:

Homemade oatmeal packets
Homemade granola
Fried Eggs

Salami sandwiches (yes, we eat a lot of salami.  Weirdly, it's one of the few sandwiches my kids eat!)
Ham and bean soup (from freezer)
Cheese and Crackers

Mon - Ham, collar greens, corn, applesauce, cheddar biscuits (I wish I was in Dixie . . . )
Tues - Hot dogs, popcorn (Daddy's last softball game)
Wed - Chicken stiry fry, rice, salad
Thurs - Greek chicken, rice, swiss chard
Fri - Spinach rice casserole, muffins, fruit
Sat - Pepperoni calzone w. marinara sauce, salad
Sun - tbd

Check out more menu plans over at Org Junkie.

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