Wednesday, June 29, 2011

WFMW: Cold Picnic Treat

We've been heading out to CSA farm 30 minutes away each week this summer, to pick up our produce box, get our U-pick bonus, and have a day of fun on the farm.  One thing I quickly discovered was that I'd need a lot of snacks and drinks for these hot active days.

One snack that's been working out really well is frozen yogurt.  A couple of weeks ago I happened to have a box of those tubes of yogurt that I had gotten on a deal, which I had been keeping it in the freezer.  This is because I don't really like the tubes when they're not frozen, as I find that they are really messy with toddlers.  However, when frozen they work out great - they're less messy than a popsicle or eating a carton of yogurt.

Plus, frozen yogurt thaws a lot more slowly than a popsicle or ice cream.  I have kept the frozen yogurt tubes in the car in a cooler with ice packs for a couple of hours, and they were still frozen enough to be relatively neat when we went to eat them.  Even my 10 month old can eat one of these with a little help, and all three kids think they're a huge treat.

Yesterday I didn't have any of the yogurt tubes, so I just grabbed some small cartons of yogurt and stuck them in the freezer for our picnic lunch.  I'd like to get some popsicle sticks to keep on hand to make even the cartons spoon-free.

Easy, fun, and healthy - what more could you ask for in a summertime treat?

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  1. Good idea! My kids have been liking the yogurt tubes lately as well, but I've been getting frustrated with the mess. Thanks for the tip!


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