Friday, January 30, 2009

From the Frugal Blonde . . . Cleaning up at Bath and Body Works

My mom (for whom this blog is named) is a great-bargain hunter, but at Bath and Body Works she is definitely the queen! Because of our large family of Bath and Body Works users, she always gets multiple coupons in the mail, and she gets deals all year and stockpiles for gifts. I was particularly impressed with her latest run -- see below:

She started out with two coupons for a free signature items with a $10 purchase. These 4 oz. hand creams (reg. $12 on sale for $5) qualified. In addition, the store is changing the packaging (and raising the price), so that the new hand creams are $10 for only 2.5 oz.

So Mom made two transactions (in order to use both coupons) of buying two of the old hand creams and getting one free. Thus she ended up with 6 hand creams for $20. The original price for these in the old packaging would have been $72! And the price for the same number of ounces in the new packaging would be $96!

Now for me this wouldn't have been such a saving, since I don't buy more expensive than drugstore products anyway. But since my mom already uses these creams, as well as saving them for gifts, she saved over $50! Way to go, Frugal Blonde!

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