Friday, January 30, 2009

Homemade English Muffins!

I'm hosting a playgroup this morning, and I like to provide a snack. However, yesterday I noticed that I was down to one egg, so that nixed my usual standbys of muffins or banana bread. Thinking of breakfast foods that might not use eggs, I decided to try making English muffins!

It never used to occur to me to try making something like English muffins. I mean, Thomas makes English muffins, just like Dunkin makes doughnuts, right? But in the pursuit of saving money, I started making bagels with my bread machine, and they are surprisingly easy and really good. So English muffins was my next experiment. See below for how it worked . . .

I used this recipe, after a short google search. It was quick to mix up, and the dough turned out really nice and soft, but not sticky.

That's my two-year-old's hand punching down the dough. :-D The dough rose once in the bowl for about 30 minutes and then once after the muffins were cut out.

These two pictures are before and after the cut out muffins rose. At first I thought I had cut them too thin, but they really puffed up once they were on the griddle.

There you go! They really look like English muffins, don't they!

I split one open to make sure they were done and tasted it. The texture seemed really good, but it tasted a little bland. That's when I realized I had never added the salt! Lol! Oh well, these things keep me humble. I think they'll still be really good when spread with (salted) butter and jam. I definitely plan to make these again.


  1. thanks for sharing will try to make these and save money My family loves these but they can be quite expensive

  2. Those are some gorgeous English muffins, Liz! I really have to overcome my fear of making yeast-based baked goods one of these days.

  3. Your English muffins looks like the real deal! I didn't know that it's cooked in the griddle. I just assumed it's baked in the oven. :o)


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