Thursday, February 12, 2009

Small Successes

My small successes for this week: (These don't all relate directly to saving money, but keeping my life in order definitely saves me money in the long run!)

1) I've been working on cleaning my kitchen as part of Biblical Womanhood's Spring Cleaning for Normal People Challenge. I really need this challenge! I may be pretty good at saving money, but when it comes to housecleaning, I am definitely normal people. Actually, Spring Cleaning for Dummies is probably what I need!
This week I cleaned and reorganized the kitchen counters and mopped my very dirty floor. I still have a lot to do, but already it looks so much better! I also did a ton of dishes, which I always have from all the cooking and baking I do. Pictures will definitely be forthcoming when I finish this project!
2) I took two nice long walks with my girls. The weather has been spring-like, so there was really no excuse not to. It's so been hard lately for me to push myself out the door with the huge stroller, both girls, and all their coats and stuff, but every time I get back into exercising it amazes me how good it feels. My energy and mood are greatly heightened!
3) I have spent just $10 this week! My girls are sick, so we haven't been out much. I may not have found a ton of bargains, but not spending money is the best frugality there is!
Read more at Faith and Family Live. Here's to small successes!

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