Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Tightwad Freezer

I was organizing my freezer the other night and it made me think of doing a corollary to my "tightwad refrigerator" post: the tightwad freezer! Here are the "frugal" items I found in my freezer:

- Sliced homemade sandwich bread made in the bread machine

- Homemade banana muffins for quick breakfasts

- Homemade waffles from a big batch made for breakfast for dinner one night

- Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers frozen veggies gotten free with coupon and sale at Giant

- Frozen pierogis gotten with a doubled $1.00 coupon at Shoppers double/triple coupons
- Big bag of mozzarella cheese for homemade pizza

- Quart-size bags of cooked beans and rice (much cheaper than canned beans or quick-cook rice)

- Eight pounds of butter stockpiled during $1.99 sales around the holidays

- Mini plastic container of tomato paste frozen in order not to waste the rest of the can

- Freezer bags of individual pounds of meat separated out from 5 lbs. club pack

- A couple of already cooked dinners to pull out on busy nights instead of takeout
- Homemade popsicles made from fruit juice leftover from canned fruit

- Frozen puff pastry that I bought a long, long time ago. I will find a way to use it up!

Anyone have anything to add from their "frugal freezer"?

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