Monday, March 30, 2009

Menu Planning Monday

It's already time for another two weeks of menu planning! This week I'm planning mostly beef meals. Next week is Holy Week (the week before Easter), and I'm trying to serve minimal meat. I'm excited to try some yummy ethnic vegetarian meals instead.

We're going over to my sister's house for Easter dinner, and we'll be making the meal together. I know we'll probably do ham, but we haven't decided on the rest of the menu yet.

Here's my next two weeks' menus:

Weekdays: cereal, oatmeal, homemade bagels, toast, yogurt
Weekends: waffles, eggs

Weekdays: leftover lentil soup, cold cut sandwiches, pbj, cheese and crackers, beans and rice
Weekend: hot dogs, layered bean dip with chips

hummus & pita, fruit, goldfish, peanut butter crackers, granola bars, chips

Mon - Leftover Golden Lasanga, salad, bread (This was just okay; a little heavy)
Tues - Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans
Wed - Hungarian Goulash, noodles, salad
Thurs - Leftovers (Michael won't be here for dinner)
Fri - Frozen fried fish, corn, chips
Sat - Meatloaf, rice, green beans
Sun - Leftover goulash

Mon - Falafel, pita bread (I'm using an easy recipe from my Joy of Cooking Vegetarian cookbook; I'm sure there are also many recipes online.)
Tues - Quick and Easy Samosas, mango chutney (if the chutney's not too expensive!) (My sister just gave me this recipe; sounds so good and easy.)
Wed - Leftovers from Monday and/or Tuesday
Thurs - Homemade Garlic Pizza
Fri - Leftovers
Sat - Pasta with marinara sauce, salad, bread
Sun - Easter!

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  1. I love samosas but am too chicken to try and cook them, and I made the mistake of buying frozen from a little Pakistani store and hated it!! please post how they turn out. Thanks

  2. Congrats on going vegetarian for the week. It will save money and animals ;)

    Just stopping by from MPM Mr. Linky. Cool that you post all meals and two weeks! I love recipe links too.

    Stop by my blog anytime.


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