Saturday, March 7, 2009

This Week's Shopping

I love Gymboree clothes for my girls, but I only buy them new when they're on pretty deep clearance. Gymboree had sent me a coupon for an extra 20% off your entire order which was due to expire soon, so I went to the store this week hoping for some good deals. I was really happy; I ended up with the four items below for a total of $16, including tax. That's an average of $4 an item!

I also did a lot of grocery shopping this week. I thought I would start sharing all my grocery trips each week, instead of just the best deals (although I will highlight the best deals). That way you can see what makes up my monthly budget (and it sure will keep me accountable!)

I pick up a few good deals at Giant this week:

I was so excited to get a great deal on Hillshire Farms Kielbasa for Easter. It was $4.39 and BOGO (Buy 1 Get 1 free), and I used a $.35 coupon on each, which was doubled. So I got each for $1.50! Other good deals were the boneless chicken breasts at $1.99/lb and the Valentine items at 75% off. Total at Giant: $27.97

I also couldn't resist another week of triple coupons at Shoppers :

My best deals were the Maruchan noodles (free after tripled $.35 coupon) and the L'Oreal kids shampoo (on sale for half price and free after doubled $.75 coupon). I also got more free Mentos gum. Shoppers Total: $13.31
I also did my staple shopping at Wegmans and spent $2 at CVS. So my totals for this week were the following:
Wegmans: $67.22
Giant: $27.97
Shoppers: $13.31
CVS: $2
Total Spent: $110.50
Left in monthly budget: $269.50
Keep in mind that my grocery budget works monthly, so this was not just food for this week. We're pretty well stocked now until least mid-month.
PPS - The last installment of my Bake It -- Don't Buy It series will be posted shortly.


  1. Nice on the Gymbo clothes! The great thing about these clothes, too, is that they hold up so well and are always a favorite at resale, so if your kids don't wear them out, you can probably sell them for about the same price in a few years. I just got done tagging all my girls 0-3 and 3-6 for a Chicago-area resale event, and I put a little higher price on all the Gymbo pieces.

  2. Shoppers here in Fredericksburg (the one @ Central Park) is now permanently tripling up to .50 and doubling up to $1.

    They have craft cheese on sale this week for $2.29. If anyone still has the $1/2 Kraft cheese coupons (from the booklets that were out around superbowl time), USE THEM!!! Buy 6 bags or blocks and use 3 coupons. The cheese will be $1.15 each. BUT - you'll get a print out coupon for $2 off your next visit. Go back and get 6 more bags/blocks of cheese. The total after coupons will be $5.74!!! That means you'll have gotten 12 bags/blocks of cheese for $1.12 each!!! PLUS you'll get another coupon for $2 off your next visit.

    Also, there are $1 coupons EVERYWHERE for Over the Moon milk. At Shoppers that double coupons, they've raised the price to $3.49 for a 1/2 gallon!! (yes, seriously) But it's still $1.49 after coupon.


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