Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Baking Day Update

Well, we just took a lunch/nursing break, and now I'm taking a computer break before I do some dishes. My older daughter and I accomplished a good bit before the baby woke up from her nap, which was good!

Right now the sandwich bread is in the oven. Here's the dough when it came out of the bread machine.

While the bread was rising, we mixed up the muffins. They were very quick and easy.

Since the bread wasn't quite ready to go in when the muffins were done, I baked a batch of the chips while the oven was hot.

This afternoon we'll do the chicken nuggets and cookies and another batch of chips. If I have time, I'd also like to add another batch of muffins. Twelve muffins won't last very long around here! Maybe something lemony, for spring?

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  1. I made the superpower muffins a couple of weeks ago and I have to tell you that you might want to make another batch of those!!! They were so good that they didn't last long, and I didn't even add the chocolate chips!


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