Friday, April 24, 2009

Garden Update

See those lovely green sprouts? Those are the basil and parsley that I planted and placed on my kitchen windowsill. According to the seed packets, these herbs do not have to be started inside, but I thought that I would plant some outside and keep some plants inside to just snip and throw in food.

Unfortunately . . . none of the rest of my seeds look like this. None of my other ones have sprouted! I was keeping the rest on top of the refrigerator, since someone had told me that they didn't need direct light in order to germinate. Well, I think this was incorrect advice.

On the advice of a friend, I'm now setting those seeds outside each day to get some sunlight. I also moved whichever ones I could fit to my windowsill, but they won't all fit there. I'm a little disappointed, because I've lost the time advantage I would have gotten by planting these several weeks ago.

Also, at this point I'm a little nervous about our garden for other reasons. First of all, we have dug up part of our lawn to use for this. It's not really a big plot, but we have a town house and a small yard. I don't want to take away too much play space from my daughter and her friends. Also, we have now invested - gulp - about $140 into the garden this year. Most of that went towards gardening tools that we can use year after year; the rest was seeds and soil. Even so, I estimate that I only spend about $40-$50/month on produce. At that rate, we may not recoup too much of our investment this year, although it could pay off in subsequent years.

All this being said . . . there is definitely more worth in a garden than merely saving money. Whatever our success rate is, it should be a fun family summer project and a great learning experience for my daughter. No produce tastes as good as fresh-picked garden produce, and I'm hoping it will actually get us to make up more of our diet from fruits and veggies.

So, I guess this is our frugal experiment for the year. We'll see how it goes!


  1. Grow little seeds! I read somewhere that talking to your plants helps :)

  2. Hey Liz! Just began thing you may consider for next year is "square foot gardening." It is a proven gardening technique developed by an efficiency expert. I'm trying it in just one box this year (not too pricey!), and I'll let you know how it goes.
    Kelly (Mulhern) Henson


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