Monday, April 27, 2009

Our Weekend and Plans for the Week

Just an update to let you know that I'll be back to serious blogging this afternoon. I've got lots of post ideas for this week! We had a busy and productive weekend, and I can't wait to share our Ikea trip with you!

This morning I'm taking my baby to the pediatrician to get a lingering cold checked out, and we'll probably do a little shopping while we're out. Last week I spent $74.01 at Wegmans, which leaves just about $19 in the grocery budget for April.

We have plenty of food to get us through the week, but there are some stock-up deals this week that I'd like to take advantage of. If the deals are really great, I might consider starting on May's budget, even though it's not quite May. However, in general I prefer not to do that. It really helps me to be technical about staying on my budget, even if it means passing up on a good deal every so often. I think I spend less money in the long run.

Have a good Monday morning!

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